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Comfort Care Pvt. Ltd. has been registered in department of commerce with the objectives of providing various services to enhance the quality of living for the people living in Nepal.

The company was established in September 14, 2006 with the several prominent promoters. The Company is involved in multi-disciplinary activities and provides comprehensive product and services.

Executive Committee Profile

Mr. Om Rajbhandary
Executive Chairman

Mr. Om Rajbhandary is the Executive Chairman of the Comfort Care Pvt. Ltd. He is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of The Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd. and also one of the founding Directors of CE Construction Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Rajbhandary is capable in strategic planning, sales and marketing, emphasizes on maximizing personnel and financial resources while focusing on the strategic execution of successful business development. He is highly experience in the filed of marketing and promotional activities to build high-profit, high-growth to the company.

Yadab Pradhan

Mr. Yadab Pradhan is the Chairman of the Micro Banker Nepal Pvt. Ltd. He has worked as a Senior Consultant of the FAO/GTZ Micro Banker project in Thailand over last 15 years. He has 20 years experience in software development in banking and microfinance having worked in more than 25 countries with United Nations projects and other International development Agency as a team leader.

Mr. Rajendra Bhakta Shrestha

Mr. Rajendra Bhakta Shrestha, is a well established businessman. Mr. Shrestha is a Managing Director of NepMed International Pvt Ltd.

Mr. Narendra Bajracharya

Mr. Narendra Bajracharya is a Director of the Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd and CEO of International School of Tourism and Hotel Management. Mr. Bajracharya is a prominent hotelier with 26 years of experience in the field of hotel industry and also the Immediate Past President of Hotel Association Nepal. He is an entrepreneur committed to establishing an industrial dimension to real state business.

Mr. Sunil Malla

Mr. Sunil Malla is a well experienced banker. Mr. Malla has experienced of 22 years in banking with previous experience with NABIL Bank for 15 years. He is a housing financial expert.

Mr. Rajesh Krishna Shrestha

Mr. Rajesh Krishna Shrestha is the Director and Chief Architect of M/S Vastukala Paramarsha. Mr. Shrestha is also a Director of the Comfort Housing Pvt. Ltd. and a chief designer and consultant for the overall Comfort Housing projects.

Mr. Shrestha is well known distinguished figure in the field of Contemporary Nepalese Architecture. His practices has established himself as one of the most respected and productive in Nepal with a portfolio that includes Housing, Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Religious Building, factories, commercial buildings, corporate office building, institutional building and private residences creating a canon of prototypes in each of these areas.

Rajesh Budhiya

Mr. Rajesh Budhiya is a well known established businessman and Managing Director of Rukmani group which is reputed industrial and trading house.

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